Party on, Wayne!

Party on, Po-Pos. Now, the photo above is a testament to not deleting photos until you’ve seen them uploaded on your computer. I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have noticed his Devil Horns in-camera. Also, how did I know he was even flashing the sign of the devil? I didn’t. This photo was 100% luck. Party on, Garth!

I’ve never seen the Vancouver Police Motorcycle Drill Team before and they are awesome. So exciting! While Mike assured me that riding a motorcycle slowly in a circle requires more skill (which I also appreciate) there is nothing like seeing a line up of police coming right for you, full speed ahead.

Watch out! They’re coming right for you! They did this thing where they were in two lines facing each other, and all at once, they drove really fast toward each other. From the angle we were at, they looked like they were going to crash right into each other. Logically, this makes no sense. Why would they deliberately smash their fancy Harley Davidson motor bikes into each other at the beginning of the parade? But I still covered my eyes and squeaked when flew right past each other, within centimeters, I’m sure.

Mike just shook his head at me. How embarrassing.

The police zoomed by, back and forth, weaving in and out. So. Awesome.

And the Seattle Police Drill Team came, too. That was cool.

Woohoo! Look how close he is to me and I’m not getting a ticket! YESSS!

Speaking of Officers, I got a little paparazzi shot of Inspector Tim Shields.

He is the main media relations person for the RCMP and he’s often on the news, or in the scrum answering questions.

So. Now, if I had to choose between the Vancouver Police Drill team and these guys:

I couldn’t possibly choose. But, I have to say, the Shriners on their tiny bikes are funnier. But the drill team is way more thrilling!


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