Please do not walk between the rows. *GASP*


BUSTED! There were signs all over the place asking to please do not walk between the rows.

But they did make for a lovely photo.

It was busy at work today – lots of prep for the next event, which is the portfolio show. So it was nice to come home tonight, have leftover ham with our eggs and edit photos of tulips. Very. Relaxing.

Red tulips

All these photos were taken with Mike’s lens (85 mm) and I just love it so much. I feel like a Tulip Portrait Photographer. And I’ve not taken the lens off my camera since I put it on last week.

Tulips in front of a barn

What did we do before Netflix? I can’t even remember. Tonight we got to watch the Derek special. So good. I love that show. Sadly, it’s not Mom approved (my mom, anyway) because there’s one character that is so foul…just trust me. Mom, you won’t like it.

These days, when we’re not watching the Derek Special, we’re watching a weird Australian show called Danger 5. It’s a spoof on, well, I’m not quite sure what show, exactly. It’s World War II themed, there are spies and the guy that gives them their missions is a man with a bird head, and he always says, “And as always, kill Hitler.”. And in every show, they chase Hitler, but he gets away by jumping through a closed window. He smashes through it.

Oh. Those Australians!

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