Scene change

Abstract silhouette.

I took the day off to work today so I could take photos at a local high school play. My buddy is a high school drama teacher and anytime she wants photos, I am THERE. I love those drama students. They all work very hard on these plays – like 7 or 8 months. The schedule building up to opening night is gruelling. Tonight was their pre-show – and tomorrow is the opening. These students were very excited tonight.

silhouettes at the play

Since security is a concern (they are minors) I won’t show their faces until I get the approval from the school. Thankfully, there were several scene changes in the dark and I quickly snapped the action.

The school went all out on this play. This is the 3rd play I’ve shot and the last two plays the costumes were really good, but this time they really had beautiful dresses and costumes.

These two represent LUST!

The play is called The Ash Girl and it’s an edgier/grittier version of Cinderella. It’s not recommended for children under 10! Whoa! Serious!

I have many, many, many photos to edit after today’s event. I’d better get cracking because I’ve got a few in the pipeline, including last month’s Quilt Guild meeting. Tomorrow and the next day will be photo edit days. And then it’s quilt guild meeting time again.

Quilting Bee this week! Yah!

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