Shiny, happy, morning people

I found them! Turns out they are front and centre at all morning parades. I should have known. My guess is that morning people are like the Army – they get more done by 6 am than most people get done in a day! Which reminds me, when I was taking the Outdoor Rec class (many moons ago) we had to camp for 3 nights up on a mountain somewhere in the interior of BC. It was a grueling 3 days of hiking straight up hill, stopping for trail mix and water, and then sleeping in very cold conditions. Chattering and whiny, I asked my tent buddy, who happened to be in the Navy Reserves and a first aid attendant, if it hurt to die of hypothermia. She assured me it wouldn’t, that I’d just fall asleep. She also said, “You’d never make it through boot camp. Jeez, Carol.”. So I crossed the military off my career options right then and there.

ANYWAY, back at Hats Off Days, I found plenty of fresh-faced, cheery people – happy to be in the morning air. Like this gentleman, in his red serge, looking very pressed and profesh.

Ten HUT!

I quite like his quiet little grin. Very mischievous.

Next up, the happy veteran!

He was very joyful atop his vehicle.

You can’t get much happier than this Squamish elder.

That’s the most beautiful headdress I’ve ever seen. Even I could skip my morning coffee if I knew I’d be wearing that out and about.

Thankfully, I found a couple of happy clowns in the parade.

I hope they can talk to their grumpy friend and try to get him to cheer the heck up.


Oh wait. She’s friendly. It’s okay! She was lovely, actually, and asked us to sign her petition to stop the shark fin trade – which we did. Save the sharks! We need more Shark Week!

Besides Shark Week, you know what else I love?

Grown men in fezes riding teeny motorcycles. I LOVE IT!

Now since I love taking photos of individuals so much, it’s hard to tell how many people were around and on the streets yesterday. I think this helps:

It reminded me of the crowds at the Olympics. It was a lovely event…and I wish I could have taken each and every person’s photo.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post of police on motorcycles. The Vancouver AND Seattle Police were both there, stunting and driving more than 50 KM on their bikes. It was awesome.

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