I know. More hockey photos. But I have so many, I can’t stop posting them.

There were some little kids playing before the grown-ups started their game and all the little guys had a big STOP sign on their backs. I’d never seen that before, and asked Mike why. He explained it’s a campaign (Don Cherry supports it) to teach hockey safety and not hitting from behind – Safety Toward Other Players. We watched the game and it became clear there was no STOP sign on the front of their jerseys. One kid took hit to the guts and laid on the ice in the fetal position. Oof. I think he got the wind knocked out of him. He was okay and everyone clapped for him and his team mates slapped their sticks on the boards as he skated off the ice with the coach.

Tying his skate

After the small fries finished their game, the men were next in line. There is no waiting around at this arena. The second the last kid was off the ice, the zamboni sped around the ice rink and soon it was game on.


And the goalie took his spot.

Pretty soon, the game was well underway and this guy got a 2 minute penalty.

In the penalty box

I am pleased to report he did not scream at the ref at all. He just quietly stepped in the penalty box, served his 2 minutes and headed back on the ice. Not a single swear word was dropped.

I think we’re done Bladezilla hockey for a week or so. You bet I’ll be at the next game next weekend.

In the meantime, I’ll be cleaning up the house for Chinese New Year. Maybe that’s what I need to get my craft room finally finished – I’m pretty close. I’ll be making a trip to Chinatown this week. The festivities start next weekend, but the parade isn’t until the week after.

And, this weekend coming up? A new long week for BC called Family Day. YES!

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