The best things in life are $1.99

Tree topper

I found this tree topper at the thrifts a couple of months ago for $1.99. It’s oldie time for sure! It came in the box with that nice, vintage font and it’s made of glass. You can kind of see from this angle that there are trees painted with white glitter. It’s delicate and very light. I can’t believe my luck!

So, the tree is up, it’s just naked on the bottom – totally needs a skirt. Just so you know, I have excellent taste in Christmas Tree Skirts. This is the one I would totally love to own. $175.00. Not very thrifty at all! Oh well. I may have some time to make one before Christmas comes. I just don’t feel I’m good a managing my time these days, so it just may be a blanket wrapped around the plastic legs of the tree. Whatever works, right? Right!

So for now, I’m focussing on the ornament section.

Glass ornaments and an anchor

I’ve been keeping an eye out for old, glass ornaments and I’ve found many over the past couple of years. Some I’ve bought full price ($10-$15/ornament) at an antique store downtown, some in thrift stores by the box, and I even got a couple of boxes from a buddy who didn’t want them.

I picked up that anchor when we were in Nova Scotia in the summer and have it front and centre on the tree.

Oscar approves? I'm hoping so.

Oscar in his favourite spot by the window watching the progress.

I will assume he approves.


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