The Knee Knacker finish line


I’m still not sure why people want to do this race. It’s brutal and is 47.87 km long with all kinds of elevations to contend with. It also happens to be a fundraiser for The North Shore Search and Rescue, so that’s pretty cool. But still. This race is grueling.

At the finish line, I heard all the sorts of “first words across the line.”, happy finishers that said things like:

“That was fun!”
“That was great!”
“It feels so good now that I stopped!”

Worrisome runners:

“Sorry I made you wait so long.” – she had a time just over 9 hours. NINE HOURS! She ran for more hours than are legally acceptable by labour standards to work a regular job.

And some angry runners:
“EFF THAT.” – he actually said efff
“Well, that was sh*tty.”

Clearly, all finish line quotes could be expected.

This runner ran the whole race with his cast on.

Tough guy.

There were a few pairs of people who crossed the finish like together. They were adorable.

Club Fat Ass? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have one.

Meanwhile, there were plenty of spectators, like these snappy dressers.

And a couple of photo bombers. For example, this one:

And these TWO…but my favourite one is the one in the background.

Heh. Also, my feet are killing me. I stood in the same general area for like 5 hours straight today. Phew!


  1. Holly says:

    I love that top photo, Carol! Sounds like an interesting day. Perhaps they should have given you a medal for standing in one place for five hours straight? 😉

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