The Smashy Brothers Ride Again

Spider web mat

Today Mike headed out to work and I headed upstairs to my sewing room and sewed and sewed and sewed. See the mat that the turkey and the cat are on? It took me all afternoon to make it. I won’t show you the close up because it’s wonky and not in a good way. And I didn’t really like the binding, either, but it will do for now. I tried a spider web design and it looked the spider that spun it was drunk. But I did use free motion foot for the sewing machine and it worked great. I love my sewing machine.

Even though the spider web mat was not the best, my shifty, spooky eyes turned out pretty well!


This will be the block I’ll take to the quilt guild meeting for the block lotto. Look at that! I’m 4 days ahead. Which reminds me, I should do the photos from the last meeting soon. That will be tomorrow’s project.

While I was sewing upstairs, I heard a huge thump and the scattering of kitty feet. Oh man. I was worried they had tipped the TV over. I headed down to the living room to check. PHEW. TV was fine. What wasn’t fine?

The Smashy Brothers did it!

The toaster. JEEZ guys. Then to add insult to injury, Donner came by to lick the crumbs that fell out of the toaster on the floor. Sheesh. Those Smashy Brothers!

I did do a test to see if the toaster was broken, but it was fine. It survived The Great Fall of 2015.

And I started decorating the house for Halloween.

2 skeletons!

Yup. TWO skeletons! Their names are Doug & Phil.


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