Throwing lights at the train

***I copied Phil’s shot from his prize winning photo in the 12X12 competition in 2009***

With my heart in my pocket, I traveled back to Yaletown to see what was going on at the Roadhouse – the Yaletown Community Centre. They had transformed the huge glass room that holds the oldy-time black train into an LED lantern for Illuminate.

There were tables set up with stations for a quick craft – tiny LED lights, 1 round battery and a teensy magnet. You tape them all together and you get a tiny, cool, light in your hand. I had three of those in my hand in the photo above.

Next up? Throw them at the train!!

That’s a green light that didn’t quite make it. Sometimes it took a couple of tries if you were going to throw it any distance.

The train was slowly covered in throwies. Here’s just one side of the train:

I want to pick up some more lights and make piles of throwies for a good time. I know you can pick up those tiny LEDs at Radio Shack and I’m sure you can find the batteries there as well. I love them. They remind me of those fireflies from the Pirates of the Carribean ride in Disneyland.

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