Today’s theme: Traffic

Mike and I headed to downtown this afternoon for a little shopping adventure. We are on a mission to find an official Winter Games mug to send to a friend in Nova Scotia. We also wanted to see the W2 Social Media Centre to see where the cool kids hang out.

God only knows why, but Mike thought we should go to The Bay to find the mug. The Bay with the huge line up. ZOINKS. However, we were pleasantly surprised when the line up was only 1/2 a block long. So we stood in the line and in about 20 minutes, we were inside the building along with a billion other people, looking high and low for a mug. No luck. Oh well. However if you’re looking for a Quatchi, they’ve got them on sale right now.

I still have a few ideas left as to where to find the mug.

The main areas for human traffic is all along Granville Street up to Robson. There are p0lice at every open street directing traffic so no one wanders out into where the cars are driving.

Here’s what Granville looked like this afternoon:

And another angle:

It’s a sea of people downtown…thousands and thousands of people. And even though it’s crowded, I didn’t get the sense that anyone was bothered or upset. Even the blocks of people waiting to get into The Mint Pavilion or The Northern Canada House. People are happily standing in line and/or watching all the buskers up and down the streets.

Speaking of buskers, here’s one now:

We saw him later playing in a rock-a-billy band.

Unfortunately, we did not see Gretzky. This is not The Great One.

What did Mike think of all the people? Oi! The people!

And we also stopped by the W2 Media Centre this afternoon. It was completely empty – all the social media folks were out and about reporting in their findings. But did I mind?

Photo of me being smirky by Mike Browne

Not one bit. We are having a good time.

More photos here.


  1. michelle says:

    while it would be cool to be in the thick of things, my reaction to the crowds of people would be similar to mike’s … actually, it would be more similar to munch’s “the scream”. i get cranky in wal-mart … i fear granville street would simply drive me over the edge. 😉

  2. Cathy says:

    MA found cool glasses atthe petro Canada (as advertised on TV). The super store had some mugs the other day. Mind you this is Calgary we are talking about.

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