Under the Olympic Cauldron

First of all, it was below zero degrees outside today! Brrr…winter! And there was a layer of ice on in the fountain under the Olympic Cauldron. It was really cold, but I ventured out to see the photo exhibit on display, ONLY after dark at the Jack Poole Plaza. Was it worth going out in below freezing conditions?


The Red Bull Illume is a photo display happening until February 8th.

The photos on display show all sorts of extreme sports. Skiing, ice climbing, surfing, skateboarding, so much excitement and danger all wrapped up in entertainment. The photos are from all over the world and some of my favourites were from Scandinavia. There was one photo of two men – each in a wet suit and surfboard walking toward the ocean in a snow storm. Glorious! That was my favourite.

For a very chilly night, the event was fairly well attended. I think I even found some extreme sports guys there.

The display is only here until February 8th, but if you want to see the beautiful photos, you can see them here on the Illume gallery.

I do have to tell you that it’s not the same as standing in the chilly air on the waterfront looking at great big photos of athletes skiing and swimming. Seeing it out in the open, at night, adds some extra excitement and fun.

Just a few more photos I took here.

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