Year of the Tiger – it’s Grrrrrrrreat!

I heard a rumour that the organizers of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games asked the Chinese community if they would consider canceling the Chinese New Year parade due to THEIR event. I laughed as soon as I heard that. NOTHING stops Chinese New Year – especially the Year of the Tiger. NO WAY that would ever happen. That’s like asking my family not to celebrate Christmas. Which we did experience (in a way) when we lived in the Middle East. The company my parents worked for would actually make notes in your company file if a Christmas tree could be seen from the street through your window. Anyway, the point of this tangent is that even under extreme conditions, people will celebrate anyway. So, Chinese New Year was loud and proud today. And the weather was beautiful – a bit overcast, but dry and near the end of the parade, the sun shone through the clouds.

This is my third parade in a week! Welcome to The Parade Channel. We’re all parades, all the time around here.

More photos below…

There were lions and tigers and dragons. I’m not sure which dancing animal this one is. I think it’s a lion, though.

The parade started out with this person. I also got his photo for the Year of the Rat (he was holding a Mickey Mouse doll). I believe he is dressed as the Chinese God of Fortune, but I’m not quite sure.

Oh no! Look at these poor unsuspecting parade participants! It looks like another dancing lion is coming right for them!

And I spotted a smiling Buddha in the parade. At least I think that’s who he is. I love his blue robe.

I have so many more photos of this colourful event and you can see them right here.


  1. michelle says:

    happy new year … as a year of the tiger baby (1974), i’m hoping that the new year brings some much needed change to my world. i wish that we had a larger asian community here in halifax … i’d love to see a parade like that in the streets!

  2. Leah says:

    Happy New Year! At least I got my hair cut before New Years day this year. It hadn’t been cut for a while. ; )

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