Silent Auction Loot

Burpee. Heh. Burpee.

An aerial view of just SOME of my gardening treasures I snagged from the silent auction. My basket was picked up by Johanna at the elementary school and I ripped it open before I even took a photo. Actually, I ripped it open before I even got it out of the He-Man-Way’s house. Not only were there watermelon seeds in this huge basket, there were portulaca seeds in the basket. Portulaca! That plant goes way back for me! Not only does this plant thrive on neglect, it was also a plant that somehow survived in people’s yards in Saudi Arabia…also called, “ice plant”. FANCY. I will plant these bad boys and see what happens. Lord knows I can neglect plants like nobody’s business.  Speaking of the Lord…


Woohoo! Blessings for the garden!

Besides a BUNCH of tools, many sets of gloves, several plant pots and the aforementioned (I hope I used that correctly) garden stone, I scored the holy grail of gardening supplies. The Topsy Turvy! Did you know it can hold up to 30 pounds of tomatoes?

My reason for putting in the winning bid.

You know when you see the, “As seen on TV!” logo on the item, it’s guaranteed quality. Cannot wait to hang this up outside! Out front or out back? I haven’t decided yet. I’ll see how the other tomato plant does out front before I decide. I saw some yellow flowers on the plant out in the back already!

Look at it all!

When Mike saw this collection of supplies,

he asked: What’s with all this stuff? Did you go shopping?

Me: I paid $25 for it at the silent auction at the elementary school.

Mike: All that for $25?

Me: You should try some silent auctions.

Ahhh…It feels good to win.

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  1. Andrea says:

    YEAH for portulaca!!!! I have a big pot of it on my patio right now…being neglected away 😉 Great haul for $25! I can’t wait to see the Topsy Turvy with its 30 lbs of tomatoes!

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