Cat hat

Donner’s favourite spot on the couch is right behind Mike’s head. We call him the Cat Hat when he sits there. Sometimes he rests his paw on Mike’s shoulder. Adorable.

In other news, I’m on a mission to mend a few things. Now that the cold weather has struck, it’s time to bring out my warmest woolies. The warmest is this Cowichan Sweater my Grandma Wilson knitted for me in high school.

It’s awesome and I love it. The zipper has come loose and there’s a hole under one of the arms. I’ll be fixing it up and wearing it again in no time. It’s cozy and it goes down to my knees. It’s kind of like wearing a big blanket. And that helps on the bus, I can assure you.

Speaking of mending, I was also trying to fix the blender. A part broke off and I ordered a new piece. Then in my attempt to to fix it, I broke another piece off it. I think I’ll do less damage with the sweater than the blender. It looks like I’ll have to order another piece for the blender AND then it will work.

If that’s not enough excitement for one person, I’ve been invited to see the newest Twilight movie tomorrow night with my buddy, Diane. Rest assured, I am NOT a fan of the movies, I’ve never read the books, but I love to watch the movies just because they are so bad, they’re fun to watch. I’ve heard nothing but bad reviews about this show despite the 92% audience approval and the fact it made $138.1 MILLION it’s first weekend opening. I’m hoping it’s so bad, it’s good, just like The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

That’s crazy. Nothing is as good as Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. What was I thinking?

I’ll report back to you tomorrow.

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