$15 curtains

Meanwhile, over at the store that sells everything for your bedroom, bathroom and more…

Mike: Hey! Look at these curtains! They’re $15 each!

Me: I can’t be bothered to even fight this. We can use these temporarily until we find curtains we really like.

I’ve been stumped with what to cover the windows with since we moved in. I was pretty sure we should go with beige or tan, something light because our living room is cozy/much smaller than our last place.

Funny thing is, once we hung them up, they worked! Mind you, I need to iron them. For someone who was ready to point at Mike and say, “EW! Stupid brown 15 dollar curtains! HaHa!”. But I couldn’t do it. So I’ll take them down and iron them properly because they are staying.

$15 curtains

NOW, the only thing is that we need two more panels because they aren’t wide enough when you pull them closed. If we can’t get 2 more the same colour, I guess we’ll have to figure something else out. We decided against anything shear – we don’t need the Smashy Brothers to be climbing the curtains for recreational purposes. Come on, MORE $15 curtains!

Looking above the chair and the couch, though. We have two bare walls.

Empty walls

Time to fill those spaces. I think it will be with photos we’ve taken in frames. Done and done.

Over by the window, the boyz have been taking turns on their new skyscraper tree. It’s about 4 1/2 feet tall. We put it by the small window and didn’t put a covering on it so they can look outside any old time. This summer I’ll put out the bird-feeder so they can watch the birds and the fat squirrels that run by from time to time.

Yes. It's my turn.

The top tier is the favourite spot, so one will get impatient, hop up, and then cause a ruckus so he’ll get the spot up there.

I’m surprised that the feather toy is still intact. Oscar usually tears those to bits. I guess he’s killing this one slowly.

So that’s it! We’ve lived here 2 months and it’s slowly coming together.

Who knew chocolate brown curtains would be so lovely?


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