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by Carol Browne on May 25, 2008 · 13 comments

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Mike was quite excited when found this glass at his Nanny’s place in Nova Scotia back in 2000. Sadly, we were there for her funeral and his mom said we could have it. I never understood why he liked it so much, other than it was his Grandma’s and I figured it had some nice memories for him. He said it was some kind of jar and I just assumed it was jelly or a jam jar. Mike happily drinks his juice out of this cup and I didn’t get it. But tonight while watching the Trailer Park Boys, I watched Mike’s people laugh at this very glass. The mustard cup, they called it. Apparently it was the container for Schwartz Mustard. Well, now that the Trailer Park Boys liked it, I’m excited about it, too. So excited, I took 4 pictures of it. Here you go!

I’m sure it’s very valuable. Maybe I should put it in my china cabinet.

I spent many hours today weeding and weeding and weeding and cutting the lawn today. I’d take a picture to show you, but now it just looks like a tidy garden which wouldn’t really be all that interesting unless I took a picture of the BEFORE shot. And that wasn’t going to impress anyone…I’d hate to tarnish my image of a tidy gardener. Anyway, the front’s looking neat and trim, and next weekend I’ll tackle the back. Yeesh. It’s a jungle back there. I’ve got to bust out the weedwacker and do a major clean up. I’ll take pictures of that. Maybe.

All that time doing manual labour got me thinking about the visitors we’ll be having this summer. My mom and sister will be here mid-June and Mike’s mom and dad will be here in September. I thought of a few places we can take them while they’re here. They are super touristy, but quite enjoyable. You just have dodge the gift shops on the way out.

1) Capilano Suspension Bridge – we’ll just wear shoes with great traction for that adventure.
2) Grouse Mountain – another North Shore excursion. But fun! It’s changed a lot since I was there last.
3) Granville Island WITH the Aquabus.
4) The Big Yellow Barn in Chilliwack. It’s a great farmer’s market with fresh corn and other goodies in the Wack. I love that place. And the drive is nice.
5) The Vancouver Aquarium – Our very snazzy aquarium with Beluga Whales

I’ll start collecting coupons and discounted tickets now. There’s plenty around for the locals.

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