Advent Day 5 – Dinner time!

Hattori Hanzō: It is time for dinner. Please join us for our traditional Christmas feast!

Carol: YES! I’m starving! I wonder what it will be? Sushi? I hope it’s sushi. I hope it’s a Mango Roll. Yum. Delicious. Or maybe an Awesome Roll! I want tempura!

Mike: We’re not at Sushitown, Carol. Jeez.

Carol: Gyoza?

Dave: It may surprise you to know that the Japanese celebrate their Christmas dinner with “Holiday Chicken”. Kentucky Fried Chicken marketed themselves as the Christmas dinner feast to the Japanese, and this is what they eat. They even order it ahead of time. KFC has hit the jackpot here.

KFC Cook behind the grill: Hello everyone! I’ve got the chicken cooking! There’s Onigiri -also known as rice balls, miso soup and a fried chicken leg there for you.

Carol: What the heck? How did that happen? I guess the translator mistook the word, “chicken” for “turkey”. Also, coleslaw for Christmas dinner doesn’t sound good to me.

Hattori Hanzō: Everyone! Come eat! Sumos! Everyone! Come and feast!

Dave: To confuse you even further, Christmas in Japan is more like Valentines Day than how we celebrate Christmas. The hotels in Tokyo are booked solid with couples for romantic get-aways. It’s a shmoopy holiday, really.

Carol: BOO! No Santa?

Dave: Not unless you count The Colonel in a Santa Suit as Santa Claus.

Mike: KFC? I love Kentucky Yucky!

Dave: Here’s something else interesting about this time of year in Japan. For pretty much the whole month of December, they celebrate Bōnenkai – translated to English is means – “forget the year”. So they have parties to forget the troubles and problems of the past year and to get ready for a fresh start to the next year. They celebrate with copious amounts of alcohol. So party on, Wayne! As this year’s been particularly tough, I’m sure there will be many parties throughout Japan.

Carol: It really is like New Years and Valentines Day all wrapped up in one party. Good times.

Dave: Well, we must get going soon. It’s time to get to our next stop. So…when you’re ready…

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