Aha! Never put the subject in the centre!

Waiting for the skytrain

I found a great article on how to take better fisheye photos. Clearly, I took ALL these photos before I read this article. The first suggestion is to have your subject in the edges, never the centre. Well. That explains a few things, such as why I was having trouble getting things in focus.

Even though I was doing it all wrong and/or making it more difficult than it needed to be, I did get a few photos where the subject in the centre worked out pretty well.

Yum. Lens flare.I love it anytime I get lens flare (those spots of light in here and there). It’s my favourite.

We went over to the He-Man-Way’s last night and their kitty, Cornbread was very cooperative with the lens.


He has to wear a scarf for the time being because he’s got a wound that needs to heal up. He’s a good sport about it and he looks very dapper in a scarf.

The Scott camera fisheye!

Mike and I also crashed Scott’s photo shoot. Happily, Scott just invited us to have our portraits taken, so that was fun. Then we watched a video on how to take street photos until way past our bedtimes.

In the future, my fisheye photos will include the subjects in the edges, the lens tilted up and/or side to side, and I’ll keep my lens clean. Apparently, these lenses get dirtier quickly – due to the shape of the lens.

Got it.

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