Better late than never.

I thought these Bleeding Hearts were done for, kaput, gone forever. But nope! They’re back.

While they did arrive pretty late in the season – they used to show up in March – they did have to make their way up through a very thick layer of gravel the neighbours put down over a year ago now. And it is much bigger than this little plant has ever been. Oh no! They are hardy little fellers. EW. A corny pun. I’m so sorry for that.

All’s quiet on the western front today. I don’t have anything else to report except I think I’m going to see The Hunger Games tomorrow night. I need to see what is inspiring all the fan art on the internets these days from this movie. Also, I need to see what the fuss is all about AND, I’m nosy. I’m going to see this movie with the same person I saw Twilight with, so it HAS to be better than that. Please tell me it’s better than that. PLEEZE.

In other news, I’ve got to get cracking on Mother’s Day gifts. I’ve got a little something-something in mind, so I should get those out in the mail SOON.

Note to myself: Mother’s Day is May 13th this year.

Now I’ll remember!


  1. Kelaine says:

    I liked the books 7 million times better than the Twilight books, so I think you are okay. The heroine is actually a hero and not a whiney, passive, complainer. And there’s crossbows!

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