Bladezillas VS. The Pirates?

The Legend ice rink at Plant Stink (P.U. it was pretty smelly today. I blame the hockey gear) was all atwitter this afternoon with the last game of the regular season for The Bladezillas. The Bladezillas SPANKED this team today.

Editor’s note: I do realize that overly processed photos are passé, but, I did it anyway. I can’t help that I like how they look. I tried not to like it, but no avail. More natural/real looking photos will be back tomorrow.


Now, it looks like the opposing team should be called The Pirates, but they were actually called The Bulldogs – also a pretty good name. But I prefer The Pirates.


In any event, The Bladezillas won 6 to 3. There was plenty of swearing, yelling, penalties and and few guys were thrown out of the game! Hooray! The men were all given a stern talking to by the refs in the third period. I’m not sure what for, exactly, but there did seem to be a bit more shoving and slapping of sticks than at the previous games. The refs were not having it and the third period dragged on for ages due to excessive whistle blowing. Oof. Enough with the whistles already.

In the penalty box.

I blame The Pirates for today’s hockey shenanigans.

Since the game stayed stable at 5-1 for the majority of the game, I didn’t pay much attention to the action part of the game until people started pushing and shoving. I don’t think there were any punches thrown, but there was an electricity in the air that it could happen at ANY TIME. Fun tension! Well, for us anyway.


There was a bit of a rally by The Pirates in the last minute of the game where they scored a couple of goals, but The Bladezillas were strong all the way through.

Thrown out.

He got thrown out with about 5 minutes left of the last period. He stuck around to watch the end of the game, but I don’t think he could hop back on the ice to shake hands.

The face of a winner!

It turns out my favourite part of the game is just after the last whistle blows – all the guys take off their helmets and then you can see their sweaty faces.

Duncan Brown - Bladezilla

Perfect for some nice portraits.

Action shots to be posted later! I did get some!

Post script: I overheard someone say, “She’s the Team Photographer” at the game and got a little giddy. At least, I hope they meant me.

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