Cheater post


I’ve been having  a lot of fun with these old family photos. It looks like this is my 4th birthday cake – I count 4 candles.

I wish, wish, wish I had more to tell you, but I don’t. I’ve just stalled out a bit today. I’ll be back on track tomorrow. Also, the air has cleared (finally!) in these parts and it is POURING, POURING rain. I predict tomorrow will be less muggy than it has been the past few weeks! Also, it’s the last week of summer, so of course it’s going to rain! Labour Day this weekend = soggy.

After doing a little research on breaking out of a creative slump – which has happened to me before, so deep down, I know what to do. That means turning off the TV and turning on my sewing machine, or going somewhere new for a walk with my camera, or sitting down and writing 3 pages of just writing whatever’s on my mind, and I’ll get back into the right frame of mind. BUT, according to this article, this is all part of the “creative cycle”. Oh no! Like the sales cycle or the cycles in nature? I guess so.

…mentioned in The Creativity Cycle, there are highs and lows.  Sometimes you’re overflowing with ideas, other times there’s a drought.  Ray Ketcham had a great idea – when you’re in one of the prolific times, keep a journal of ideas.  They’re usually flowing freely when you’re in the zone and you don’t have time to get to them all.  Then when you’re in a low cycle, break out those old journals and look through them for inspiration.


I see a lot of journals at the school  where I work – many of the art students do this. I should follow suit.  I’ve got plenty of journals and empty notebooks. I’ll put one in my bag and write in it tomorrow.

Let’s see what surfaces tomorrow.

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  1. Andrea says:

    I have a quilt just sitting and waiting for me to work on it but I’m possibly stalled as well. INSTEAD, we were helping clean out my dad’s basement last weekend and we found a latch hook kit of a totally 70’s kitten….still in the box, with a Christmas tag on it from you and your sis, to me, for Christmas! I had started it and then never finished it. I’m TOTALLY going to work on it this weekend…it matches all my 70’s decor perfectly!!! Once its done its going straight up on the wall! I will send you a picture 🙂

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