Chinese Lanterns on the patio

Chinese lanterns

Project Clean Up The Garden was a great success today. It really didn’t take that long – the patio is small. It’s looking very fall-ish out there now. I know I’m jumping the gun a bit, technically it’s still summer until September 22nd, but still, the plants were looking bedraggled and some were just covered in mildew. And, as Mike’s Dad once said about the pumpkin patch we planted in 2008, “It looks like she’s had it.”.

I planted some Delphinium seeds my mom sent me in the newly naked flower bed. They are supposed to be mildew resistant! AND, I planted this plant in a soggy spot by the fence.

Oh no. What have I done?

I planted the big Chinese Lantern plant right in the plant bed. Dangerous, I know. It’s supposed to be an invasive plant and could take over the entire patio if I’m not careful. But I’ll take my chances. Hopefully it will be okay. I plucked some from the plant and put them in a jar to dry out for Halloween.

Patio is CLEAN!

Our little bistro area is lovely now! Don’t mind the mats – I was just air drying them. It was laundry day today. I think I just may have some breakfast out there tomorrow morning.

Sadly, while I was cleaning things up, I had a, “TIMBER!” situation with the Mammoth Sunflowers. One crashed and since they were tied together, the other one snapped right on the stem. I cut both the Mammoth heads off and put them on the fence to dry. Hopefully the seeds will finish developing/do whatever they do and then I can plant some, if the birds don’t get them first.

That's a lot of seeds.

While I was hard at work, Oscar & Donner watched through the screen door. Also, they were being cute.

The boyz. Being cute.AND, just had to show off my new boots.

Boots. With a Union Jack.

Pretty great, right? The Union Jack is placed perfectly. Depending on the outfit, the Union Jack shows or not!

Perfect for work AND play. I can’t wait to wear them. I think just may wear them tomorrow.

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