Coolest. Cakepan. Ever.

This is how it works:

More after the jump!

Mike is my beautiful assistant with the pictures. Unfortunately he has a bad case of caveman hair, so I cropped him out. But doesn’t his hand look lovely?

The “form” starts out looking like a flat piece of metal. Then, you bend it (like Beckham if you like):

Do you see the heart forming?

Here it is completely shaped and dangling precariously over the dog dishes:

You can also make the heart in different sizes.

So, did it work? Yup, it sure did. Here’s the final product ~

This is an old family favourite “one bowl chocolate cake” recipe covered in buttercream icing and some flower petals and some yellow sugar. I was a bit worried that the flower taste might not go well with the chocolate, so I just kept the flowers on one side just in case.

Oh, and Cathy Mechanic, I bought this at Cookworks. Maybe the Kitchen Stock will have these next year.

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  1. Cathy L says:

    Would you please send Kitchen Stock those lovely pictures of Mike? I am sure their hearts will be captured and they will order them for next year

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