Devil, Devil, go away…

by Carol Browne on August 15, 2009 · 10 comments

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Thrifting gold. That’s all I can say about this record. Cynthia and Denise and I spent a few rowdy minutes in the record section of MCC (Mighty Cranky Church ladies)* Thrift Shop. Cynthia found not only 1 copy of this record, but 2 copies.

This kind of set off a bit of scary doll phobia for Denise. It turns out she really doesn’t like dolls – creepy or otherwise. And this doll, Little Marcy, is really creepy – I’d have to rate her as Leatherface creepy. Not to mention the lady behind her – who is the ventriloquist – also named Marcy. I believe Little Marcy actually comes alive and slips drugs into Big Marcy’s tea – especially before photoshoots, apparently. EEP!

If that’s not scary enough, Mike and I looked up Little Marcy on the interwebs and found she sings about keeping the devil away. Oh man. I don’t think I can sleep tonight now. Little Marcy’s coming to get me.

Interesting tidbit also learned on the internet – Big Marcy plays the trombone. It has to be true. It’s on the Little Marcy myspace page.

*Please note: MCC actually stands for Mennonite Central Committee. Sadly their customer service is on the grumpy side. However, with prices like 27 cents for a Little Marcy record, I just grin and bear it.

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