Fireworks. They were worth it.

Double fireworks

When Mike & Scott invited me to the Surrey Canada Day festival, I have to admit, I did not jump at the chance. I had a full weekend of good times already, who needed more? I have also been learning how to use my new computer and software and getting caught up on my photo edits. I was working on the Grade 7 grad photos this afternoon. BUT, who can deny any kind of photo requests when these two ask?

Fine. I'll go.

Fine. I’ll go.

We headed over in time to see Sloan and to stake out a spot to watch the fireworks. I set up my tripod facing the amusement park rides with hopes of getting fireworks and the lights from the rides together. Sadly, they turned off all the lights when the fireworks started, so no combo photos. But I COULD do it in photoshop. Hmmm… I should try that!

The Zipper!

I like how I caught the girl in the bottom right hand corner smiling. Lucky accident! Speaking of lucky accident, even though this photo has NOTHING in focus, I still like it.

The happy accident!

We had to shoot around a lot of people, but it wasn’t overly crowded. And it hardly took any time at all to get home.

This one looks like a clock.

I like how this one looks like a clock.

I tried several techniques as the fireworks blasted, but was unable to get any photos that looked like flowers like these ones.


Not bad for my first try at taking fireworks photos. I really like them and I’ll post a few more over the next few days. I’ve got a late night again tomorrow, but Wednesday & Thursday evenings are all mine for photo edits.

Thank. Goodness.

Canada Day was a success despite my lack of enthusiasm. In fact, this whole weekend turned out pretty great.

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  1. Lysa says:

    We only saw fireworks from a far on our way home from a concert last night. These photos make up for our lack of firework closeness! Beautiful and we didn’t have to stand around for them-perfect!

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