Flags for Boston

Flags for Boston

I got them done! I will be taking these flags to Amy to take with her to the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild meeting tomorrow. If these hearts look familiar, it’s because I took them from this…I’m not even sure what I was planning when I made it in the first place, but it worked perfectly for this project.

And yes, those are roosters on the heart. For reasons unknown, I want the people of Boston to have them.

I stamped the back of both of them with some StazOn (permanent ink) and ironed it on for good measure.


Soon they will be off to the United States to go along with all of these flags. It will be beautiful.

I still have a lot to clean up in the craft room/guest bedroom.

Disaster area

Today I just pushed everything aside and sewed in the middle of the mess. Oscar’s been hanging out in this room a lot – he started going in there when Lorne stayed with us a couple of weeks ago. Oscar can usually be found on the bed.  In between piles of fabric and boxes. SHAMEFUL.

He doesn’t seem to mind it too much, though.

Clean this place up, wouldja?

Well. Maybe he minds a little bit.

Alright, alright…I’ll get it done soon.

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