Graduation Day!

Four days in and it’s already graduation time! Cheerful time! Phew! We made it, time! I listened to some motivating speeches and clapped for all kinds of graduates, including some Traditional Chinese Medicine students.

I also got bonked on the head with someone’s camera. Seriously? Yes, I did. Sheesh. RUDE. I should probably consider a hard hat for future grad ceremonies.

Despite the bonk to the head, it was a lovely occassion.

Can you see this grad below smiling while being kissed by his mom? Or is it just me?

I think it may be a bit too blurry, but I can see the grad’s smiley face.

This will be my last lensbaby photo for the week. I’m starting to feel a bit seasick looking at them all during the editing process. I think I’ve hit my threshold for this style. BUT, just for this week.

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  1. Brenda says:

    People are generally rude now. Rudeness is rampant…..even on occasion of dignified events in life. A clonk on the head wih a camera shows where things are headed . Do not RIP decorum and good manners……I’m hoping for a reverse in the current trend!

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