Granny Square style

I stumbled on this lovely hand-pieced how to make a hand pieced quilt tutorial last night while looking for a new project to make while I’m watching the TV – which is a lot these days. There are so many great shows to watch. One we started watching? True Detective. So great with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. We watched the first two episodes on Friday and thank goodness there’s another one on tonight. I cannot wait to see what clues they unearth. Then wait a week for the next show? Oh noes.

Anyway…it turns out I really, really like sewing. Sure it’s slow going, but it’s peaceful and for some reason, I don’t feel in a rush or impatient sewing by hand like I do when I’m at the machine.

I pulled out some teensy little squares I bought at a quilt show last year – a mini-charm pack from Moda called Boho. Cute. I picked the Granny Square block and got to sewing it all together.

I tried to keep my stitches small and consistent, but that was not possible. So I just tried my best to line up all the seams. Also, not possible, but I got pretty close.

I ironed and pressed and pinned. I even pulled out some stitches and re-did it for good measure.

In between doing loads of laundry and making dinner and loading up the dishwasher and making a garlic heavy hummus (sorry if you can smell it from there) I got it done! Hooray!

Time to make another one.

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