Gridlock has been alleviated

So much action

Phew! That took all night, but between Mike and I (mostly Mike) we have sorted out and reduced the backlog of all the extra photos I apparently copied two or three times in various spots on my computer. Oi. Who knew? No wonder my computer was rejecting my photos – it already had them. ANYWAY, all is well now and I will be editing harder than ever. Mike was surprised to hear that I’ve got my external hard drive completely full as well. I am a photo hoarder, buried alive, in multiple copies of my own photos.


Thankfully, after all the sorting, I did find these hockey photos to post and then will move on from hockey photos until the next game on Sunday.

Jason skating like mad. After getting punched in the face.

Here’s some intense skating by Jason. I’m pretty sure this was AFTER he got punched in the face.  Ouch. Tough.

And one more action-y skating photo for your viewing pleasure.

Ice flying everywhere

Ice flying!

More hockey photos will be up on Sunday if you like that sort of thing.

Speaking of this weekend, I’ll be working a bit on Saturday. This doesn’t happen very often with my job, but this is the weekend of the Visual Effects, Animation and Gaming Career Fair 2013 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. This is mega recruiting time for some local animation studios and word on the street is that several of them will be hiring quite a few new people for large projects that have THANKFULLY come to fruition. So, I get to shake some recruiters’ hands in hopes of helping the animation grads at the school where I work get jobs in cool animation studios. I am super hopeful that people will land some jobs. The past few weeks have been very busy as far as job placements go – a very good sign for the economy, I think. *PHEW!*

An added bonus – the career fair is happening the same time as the Fan Expo – that conference where the people dress up like their favourite superheros and anime characters and stuff. I hope I see Darth Vader at least once on Saturday!

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