Happy Dragon Boys – a series

Mike and I got to the parade shortly after it started, but decided to go straight to the end of the route. It was a good call, there weren’t that many people there (just 1 layer of people along the rope barrier) and we got a spot right up front.

I thought for sure we’d be waiting for ages and ages, but before we knew it, the parade was in front of us. We saw the God of Wealth, my favourite high school marching band (I’ll post those later) and many awesome dancing girls with fans. Beautiful! But these guys were clearly having a great time with the big dragon on sticks. I’m not sure why they suddenly ran full speed ahead.

Run for it!

It could have been because they had to stay in one place for a bit while the other paraders were finishing up at the end of the route, or they were a little chilly and they did this to keep warm, or maybe they were just really happy to be finished.


In any event, I’m glad I just kept shooting as they ran past us.

More running!The little dudes were having fun. Especially this guy:

Running dragon boy!I took plenty of other photos and will post them over the next few days.

Our fun does not end here. Mike & I have another exciting event to attend to this week. Happily, we’ve both got tomorrow night off and we’re able to see the screening of the new LEGO movie at Tinseltown. I won the tickets, so extra, extra bonus.

So far the Year of the Horse is awesome.

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  1. Holly says:

    Great pics as always, Carol! I look forward to seeing more! I was at the parade today too but had challenging lighting for photos from our vantage point. My daughter’s favourite thing were the dragon dancers so I’ll be sure to share your photos with her!

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