Happy July the 1st, everyone!

July 2012 Calendar

And it also happens to be Canada Day! Happy long weekend to those of you in Canada. Mike & I spent the day doing yard work. The rain held off, so we buckled down and did it. *Yawn* not too exciting, but at least you can see the steps down to the front door now and the weeds are all mowed down to tiny stubs. I even weed whacked around the yuccas to give them some breathing room – places I’ve never weed whacked since we moved in!

To celebrate the upcoming warmer weather – it is going to come, the weather channel has predicted the sun arriving in only a few days – here is the July desktop calendar for your freebie pleasure! Feel free to download and use as your desktop wallpaper to your heart’s content. If you like bees and lavender, take the one above! It’s mine. That little bee visited us on the balcony. I hope he comes back.

If you plan to party all month, how about this celebratory calendar Cynthia created WITH bunting? It’s amazing!

July 2012 Calendars

And let’s face it, world wide, July 2012 could be one big party…Canada Day today, Independence Day in the US on the 4th, and then the Olympics in London later on this month. So. Much. Fun!

If you’d prefer to relax, why not consider this beautiful boardwalk right to the beach? Wherever Scout lives, it’s awesome.

July 2012 calendars

This is going to be a great month. I can just feel it!

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