Hazy all day long

by Carol Browne on January 21, 2013 · 1 comment

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So hazy We had fog all day long today. So strange. It never lifted. I could feel tiny droplets of water, suspended in the air, on my face and hands as I walked through it to the bus this morning. Newton was chock-a-block full of misty air today. So was downtown and so was Burnaby this evening. Metrotown in the chilly haze Metrotown to be exact. I met my buddy, Iris, today in the misty haze. While I waited for her I took a few photos. Smoking in the fog Right after I took this photo, I was panhandled and hustled it into the mall. Happily, I walked right into a yogurt shop called Qoola and had myself some kind of delicious pineapple yogurt with strawberry poppers on it. I'm not sure what the fruit poppers were made of - they were little pearls of fruit. I think it was either a tapioca pearl or a gelatin pearl. I tried some strawberry poppers and kiwi poppers. Yes. I had fruit poppers and yogurt for dinner tonight. Delicious! Tomorrow the mist is supposed to lift. I kind of hope it does because I've got a date with a cherry blossom tree tomorrow at lunch. Cherry blossoms in January? We'll see tomorrow!

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