Hello, springtime!

Walking downtown

It sure was a sight for sore eyes today – seeing tulips in Vancouver on a dry and sunny day. I’m pretty sure these tulips were forced in a nursery somewhere and then transported downtown by some lovely landscaper. It’s way too early for tulips to be open right now. I just checked the La Conner Tulip Festival website and the tulips aren’t expected for another 2 weeks or so. After the long weekend! HUZZAH! Long weekend coming up! OH YAH.

But I’m jumping ahead. That’s ages away. Before that that long weekend, I’ve got to attend another quilt meet up, volunteer for a couple of hours at the Creative Stitches and Crafting Alive show at the Tradex and meet an old friend from high school that now lives kinda near us in Surrey this weekend coming up. I realize it’s only Monday, but my dance card is is filling up fast. Also, tomorrow is another late night for work and I’ve not seen a single cherry blossom since the one I spotted at the shut down Rogers across the street!

Oh well. Forced tulips will have to do for now.


And the dry weather is a nice touch.

Also, I got a lovely postcard in my postcard swap today. I’ll get photos of that for tomorrow. It’s a perfect late night post. Lelainia makes awesome envelopes with recycled papers from magazines. I can’t wait to show you!

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