“Hey! That fish is wearing Mike’s shirt!”

Fish tail

“Hey! That fish is wearing Mike’s shirt!” – Scott Hemenway

We headed over to #21 where Johanna and I sewed up some fish pillows. We used this pattern by Mimi Kirchner and started cutting up shirts and sweaters. I used a shirt I picked up for Mike 19 years ago…yup, a 19 year old shirt! I found it in Khobar in Saudi Arabia. I thought it was an odd find at the time – it was a long sleeved button up shirt, very thick and wintery – way too hot to be wearing in the desert. Mike (and I) wore it off and on for a very long time, and then it stayed in the closet until now. But today, it became this fish.

It's a fish pillow!

Tada! It took nearly 3 hours, but we kept sewing, seam ripping out the occasional mistake and stuffing until we got it done. Hooray for us!

Johanna used a felted sweater to make hers and it was much sturdier than mine is. I’m going to add some layers of stiffener to get the top fin to stand up and to make the tail a little less floppy. Instead of using the pattern for the top fin, I just used part of the collar and kept the collar shape. Very upcyle-y.

I’m going to make plenty more, and with some practice, I will get all the fins facing the right way. I sewed one upside down, but I can live with it.

After a long day of sewing fish pillows, I headed home and enjoyed some tea in my new, gigantic Union Jack mug.

Union Jack mug

I picked it up yesterday on sale for $2.50. It holds 24 ounces. It’s as big as the TARDIS on the inside.

Looks like my Union Jack appreciation has kicked in again. Must be all the Dr. Who we’ve been watching.

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