How did they know?

by Carol Browne on July 11, 2012 · 6 comments

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Inspired by Mike’s toddler photos he’s been scanning and putting on the facebook, I thought I’d post a photo of one of my photos from a birthday past. I’m not quite sure how old I was celebrating this birthday – grade 8? 13 or so? The Dorothy Hamill haircut was still going strong, and for some reason, I look A LOT like Anthony Michael Hall in the classic movie, Vacation. The likeness is a uncanny. And my glasses are gigantic! Mom had a pair just like them.

In other birthday news, Google figured out July the 12th is my birthday.

I didn’t know they did that. Unless someone else named Carol is celebrating a birthday today – maybe I’ve got it all wrong?

Nah. That’s gotta be for me.

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