“…I ate his liver, with fava beans…”

I got to see this old goalie mask today at the Canada Pavilion down at LiveCity on Cambie and Georgia. They had a great hockey display with helmets and skates. Can you imagine this protecting your face very well? I can’t. However, this site shows the history of the goalie mask, if you’re interested. I guess it’s better than just your bare face vs. the puck. Those oldie-time goalies were tough.

Here’s a side shot of the other headgear on display:

That’s an assortment of headgear. I especially love the leather “helmet”. I’m not sure what you call that. It kind of looks like an old football helmet.

Also on display? Wayne Gretzky’s hockey stick.

I had a short little wait to get into the Pavilion this afternoon around 1:45 [late lunch]. Added bonus? Pins! I got the Canada Pavilion pin and the Manitoba pin (another pavilion in the Live City area) today. Huzzah.

It was pretty busy in this exhibit mainly because Sumi was there taking photos with all the kids. It was a big stroller party in there.

Here’s Sumi in between holding babies and posing with all sorts of children.

The second most popular photo-op were these two Mounties. They were very good sports – all smiles, very friendly. I’m not too sure at all how long I could do that job.

I’m glad I went to check that out. It will be open until this Sunday.

I went for a quick visit in the building across the way to the Paralympic House where they had big screen TVs showing the Canada VS. Japan Sledge Hockey game. Knowing how it would end [Canada lost :-(] I decided to high tail it out of there and get back to work.

But I cannot complain about the Sledge Hockey. I heard the “Oh Canada” lunch horn go off 3 times in an hour today because 3 Canadian Paralympians won medals this afternoon. Yay Brian McKeever, Viviane Forest and Lauren Woolstencroft!

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  1. Leah says:

    Wow! I now know more than I ever wanted to about goalie masks. I recognize some of those old masks. Cool.

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