It was a good photo edit day


I spent a good chunk of my day editing the photos I took yesterday at work. And can I just say I hardly made any changes to Ada’s photos at all. I just adjusted the exposure a bit and voila! She is so photogenic. I love taking her photo. And she’s more than happy to be my model.

The original offer for these photos were for my office pals’ linkedin profile photos. Like this one, of Lori.


I found a tutorial about making high contrast black and white photos and decided to try it out on these happy faces.

I did the black and white, high contrast photo on Cindy, then turned it into sepia and really liked how that turned out as well.


Up to now, I rarely convert any photos to black and white, I’ve always preferred colour. I have used black and white to hide a bad colour balance or to make something seem less blurry and more artsy. But after taking these photos, I look forward to making more high contrast black and white or sepia and white photos. I think they are flattering and crisp. I am also in love with my big flash. I just need more and more practice.

Then I just got plain old carried away and made Yuri look like this:


This photo makes me so happy that I want to print it out and frame it. I can’t believe I took this one! And then made him into high contrast, lomography style. I think that may be a little weird at the office, but still! It turned out so terrific, I can’t help but be proud.

I also made Yuri a very special portrait. He told me all his baby pictures look like they were done in the 50s as they were all in black and white. He was born in the Ukraine…wait for it…2 years before I graduated from high school. *GULP* That was hardly in the 50’s, I can assure you. So to celebrate “In Soviet Russia” I present the retro Yuri “show me your papers” photo of the late 1980’s.


These last two days of portrait taking were awesome. I feel a new excitement for my photography after this. I’ve also squeezed one more day out of this for some “retakes” tomorrow.

I cannot wait.

Queue the big flash!


  1. Cynthia says:

    These are awesome Carol!! What a nice thing to do for your work buddies! And the colour one of Yuri is so great!! I am saving some $ to hire you to shoot me someday soon! 😀

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