Keeping my finger on the pulse

I’ve been having a great couple of days and this evening was a complete surprise. I was invited by Lelainia to go to a book signing and I met her at a cute little tea shop in Vancouver after work. They had a lovely spread of French bread, cheese and salamis and I met the author of this book called, The Pulse of Mixed Media. Seth was so friendly, it seemed like I’d known him for much longer that the few minutes I spoke with him.

I’m so glad Lalainia invited me, because not only did I meet Seth, I also met a photographer, Vivienne McMaster, and laughed and chatted and totally networked! By accident! And it was most excellent. I picked up a copy of the book and will read it on the bus tomorrow.

Added bonus – Attention Sarah Harris! Seth Apter told me to tell you, Hello! He really did!


The May desktop calendars are ready!

Here’s mine:
May Calendar by Carol
Here’s Cynthia’s:
May Calendar by Cynthia
Here’s Scout’s:
May Calendar by Scout J



  1. Lelainia Lloyd says:

    *SO* glad you came. It’s so much more fun to share this stuff with friends and I am glad all my creative peeps got along so well together! YAY! Glad we get to hang out together on Saturday!

  2. Seth says:

    Thanks for joining us at the signing Carol. It was great to meet you! And fun to see the event through your eyes in this post.

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