Let’s have a proper brew

Yorkshire Tea

We are spoiled for any other tea. I tried to give Mike some dirty old tea I found in our cupboard and was met with strong disapproval. I had to agree with him. After the taste of Yorkshire Tea, crappy cupboard tea was just not tolerable. Happily, the British Store is just up the street from us, so I was able to rectify our tea mini-crisis. Crisis averted. And I had 2 cups today. Delish.

In between all my delicious tea drinking, I sewed up another 3 inches. It’s the first 3 inches I’ve sewn in like 2 weeks. I am pretty far behind in my daily block sewing party.

2 more inches!

I love my sewing machine so much. I am able to sew really straight lines. REALLY straight lines.

It occurred to me this afternoon that Chinese New Year is nearly here, so I had cleaned up the basement. Yes, this included a bunch of stuff I brought down from my sewing room a few weeks ago and that can’t be good way to ring in the Year of the Monkey. Just transferring craft stuff not used since we moved in 3 years ago from room to room?

The Year of the Monkey deserves better. Like Yorkshire Tea.

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