Love to Debbie – I mean Beth*

I was out in the sun briefly today, but didn’t take photos. This evening, however, it was dry and warm. I had another late start and late evening ride home. Newton Exchange was warm and shiny and dry tonight.

Newton Exchange

I wasn’t home all that late – 9:30 pm – but Newton Exchange was oddly quiet and empty. There was a lack of people smoking tonight at the Newton Exchange. Usually, there are a lot of smokers hanging out around this bus loop. That’s one thing I’ve noticed since we’ve moved out here – so many smokers. Not tonight. I had the whole place to myself.

All the lights

I took my time and looked at the lights. And I looked at the graffiti.

Love to Beth?

MEH. Not too impressive. But I do wonder who Debbie* is. There were a few of these tags all around the Newton Exchange. Someone wants Debbie to know this BADLY!

*I mean Beth. That clearly says, “Love to Beth”. I must be more tired than I thought. Also, “Attention to detail” is NOT anywhere on my resume. Good thing.

Once I got home, I was greeted by these guys.

Oscar - always first

Oscar – he’s always the first to greet me at the door. Oh hai! You’re home! And then Donner wakes up – he’s usually pretty groggy. I think he just sleeps under the bed until I get home.

Dinner time.

When they are both this close, you know it can only be one thing – DINNER TIME.

What can I say? They just really like the canned stuff.

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