Meep! Meep!

Meep! Meep!

This funny little scooter zoomed past me today on the street. It had some kind of crazy, bendy windscreen on it. As I snapped 2 photos of this scooter, I was able to figure out with the help of the zoom on the second photo that this is a sushi delivery vehicle.

What WILL they think of next?

Today I had a glorious day of interviewing art soon-to-be-graduates. I watched demo reels – one of Amsterdam and one of various creatures. I also got to meet a real live acrobat – a trapeze artist who also creates maps and awesome infographics. Did you know that the acrobats that fly around on those long pieces of silk – you know the ones, they roll themselves up to the ceiling and then look as though they are about to plunge to their deaths as they unroll themselves quickly toward the floor? That HURTS. I guess it hurts their feet. I never thought about them hurting their toes and feet as they flew down to the ribbons, I just thought, “Oh my God! They must be SO SCARED!”. But not only is that a dangerous stunt, it is also painful to do. Who thought that was a good idea? Who figured out how to do that in the first place?

It was a great day to see talent! I feel very lucky to have met these people.

I love interview days.

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