Miracles do happen

Maybe I'll finish it!

Tonight after work I headed right up to my sewing room and started ironing the interfacing onto some fabric so I can put the back on these hexies!

The paper is still inside

Once I’ve finished pulling all the papers out, I can sew the backing on and VOILA! A finished project! I have been closer than I thought I was to finishing it. I’ll show you when it’s done. This makes me want to sew even more hexies and arrange them to look like this.

In other news, I made a double exposure today. Heh.

It was a rainy one.

It poured and poured this afternoon. There was thunder and lightening – and the lights flickered a little bit. It was a nice little storm. It was all over by the time I headed home on the train. Good thing. I refuse to put on a jacket these days. I’m just showing the weather who’s boss when I do that. The commute home was awesome as ever – I had all the room in the world on the new express bus – it’s so fast to get to home now. But no one sits in the accordion bus section. I ended up taking a photo of my lunch bag.

I guess I’ll just have to keep on waiting for that seat to be filled.

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