My “helpers”

This is Oscar helping me with my quilting. Sheesh. As soon as I put the quilt top on the floor, he made sure to lay right down on it. I ironed around him and then had to shoo him off so I could make the quilt sandwich.

Once I taped the quilt back to the carpet (with painter’s tape to keep the wrinkles out) and pinned the top and batting to the back – I forgot about the basting spray! DARNIT! Anyway, once I got the layers together, both the cats hopped on…

…making sure it doesn’t go anywhere. I like this photo – you can see one of the bald patches on the back of Donner’s legs. He’s got one patch on each leg. I’m not sure why, he came to us that way.

I sewed and sewed and sewed today.

I sewed all kinds of random sized rectangles on the quilt. I didn’t think it would take this long to sew together, but I sewed about 5 hours straight and it’s still not quite done. I think I’ll need another 2 hours or more get it done properly. It’s a good thing I bought an extra big spool of thread.

Kat sure knew what she was talking about – it was her suggestion to get extra thread for this project. Good thing I listened.

I was hoping to get the binding done tonight because Sunday night is MEGA AWESOME TV watching night so I could hand sew the binding down. Sadly, I didn’t make my deadline. I’ll have to sneak some sewing in between my mom and sister coming for a visit and packing for our big move. I’m pretty close to getting it done! I think I can do it.

And for no reason other than I like this photo of Donner looking out the window on a rainy day, here it is! He must have been taking a break from all that helping.

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