Not quite summer…

…but it sure is pretty out there.

I risked life and limb taking this photo. Well, that’s a bit dramatic, but I had the uncomfortable experience of sitting next to the owner of this yard on the bus one time a few months ago. Unknowingly at the time, he turned out to be a neighbour of sorts – he only lives 3 or 4 houses away from us. I just thought I’d listen politely while I was on the bus, but he got off at the same stop as I did, so the conversation carried…on…and…on. He saw some work-related material (a kit of instructions on what to do when you get laid off.) I had to take home for a coworker, and he hoped I could help him find a job. He then proceeded to tell me about his work history and then over-shared on personal details about the job. Oof. That was a long walk home. I think he even knew he probably should have talked to someone else about this scenario, rather than a neighbourhood stranger. I forgot that I wasn’t at work while he spoke about his personal problems with his last employer. That happened sometimes at my previous job, and I’d listen to the story, put my pen down – that’s the key in all this – when the interviewee sees the pen being put down on the desk, they know it’s time to stop talking. This trick works about 75% of the time. It really does! Then I would say, “Okay. Now how should we rephrase this so that you can explain this to an employer in an interview?” But I realized too late that I didn’t have a pen or a desk. Plus, I just wanted to get home. I know! Selfish!

Thankfully, he’s laid low since the incident. Maybe he’s found a job! I sure hope so. He could sure use a pick-me-up.

ANYWAY, you can see how it was a dilemma for me to take this photo. Should I stop and tempt the fates? I looked around for another yard with beautiful, purple, irises. None that I could see. So, I took my chances. It turned out okay! There was no one around for miles! I had the whole street to myself.

Another mistake in judgement? I think I jumped the gun turning the heat off in the house. It’s FREEZING. I had to wear my jacket to work today. DARN. I was so ready for summer. I guess we have to wait a little longer. No 10 minute popsicles this week.


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  1. Lelainia Lloyd says:

    As I’ve been told a million times, I have that friendly vibe so people will tell me anything. (I also was on a crisis line for 8 years.) It’s useful if you’re a reporter or a counsellor, not so useful when you just want to go about your life. Likely, he just felt the need to vent, more so that having any real hope you’d actually help him find a job. Sometimes it’s easier to unload on a stranger.

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