One for Mike, too.

One for Mike!

“You seem to be hooked on double exposures these days.” – Mike Browne

I blame Vivienne’s double exposure blog post. I just love how they look. I took photos of leaves today and put one on top of Mike with a camera. I can’t stop.

I also found a leaf that is a bit ahead of schedule. It was the only red leaf on the tree.


Today was the first day back to school, but you could not tell, judging from the commute into work this morning. FIRST of all, exciting news! Our bus route now to the skytrain now has an express bus – it shaves our commute down by 10 minutes. That’s pretty good as our commute is pretty much just about an hour now. But the best part? The new express bus is an express accordion bus. I could not believe my luck! Sadly, the bus hardly had anyone on it, so I passed on taking a photo today. But tomorrow, I’ll take a photo even if the seat is empty. Hello accordion bus!

One more double exposure for the road. I posted it yesterday on my facebook page, but I do love it.

Me. And flowers.

More exciting news. I have this year’s Christmas LEGO Advent calendar selected. I won’t give away anything just yet, but I believe I saw an astronaut in there. And in the meantime, I will be doing my best to track down this minifig to add to the fun – Scientist minifig—Professor C. Bodin – a female scientist of some sort.

According to this blog post, there are ways to figure out what minifig is in what package.  I would be happy to get the tiki guy and/or the scarecrow. I’ll try my luck this week at London Drugs or Chapters. Or, if I get really adventurous, the LEGO store in Guilford Mall.

LEGO scientist double exposures?

It could happen.

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