Out of the gray

Blossoms in the gray

Over on the corner of Robson & Richards Street, one blossom tree has started sprouting pink blooms. In January! Even though it’s a bit disconcerting to hear about plants coming up early – stupid global warming – I have have to say, it was a welcome sight. We really don’t have long, cold winters here in Vancouver, but we do have long stretches of gray and rainy days. Seeing a cheerful bubble gum pink flower in the midst of glass buildings, lots of construction and a bit of left over haziness from the past few days really lifted my spirits.

Also, the 20 minute walk there and back did me some good as well.

Yaletown building in the background

I’m pretty sure this area counts as the edge of Yaletown – a fancier part of Vancouver. When I first moved to Vancouver in 1991, this was a dodgy part of town – all run down and pretty skeevy at night. Not anymore!

more blossoms

According to the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival website, this is an Accolade Cherry Blossom tree. I’ll be following this blog closely until the festival in April. I should find out where the blossoms are in Surrey while I’m at it.

Walking under the tree

Here’s to the beginning of a long cherry blossom season!

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  1. VCBF says:

    Those are really nice pics! A bit of pink in January is a welcome change to the days of fog we’ve been experiencing.

    You might be interested in becoming a cherry scout. It’s a free program and they give you training on how to identify and report the blooming cherry trees in your neighborhood : http://vcbf.ca/cherryscouts/cherry-scouts

    The festival map did not show the blossoms in my area so, this year, I’ve decided to become a cherry scout. I think it will be cool to learn more about cherry trees and how to identify them.

    Thanks for following us. And keep us posted on your next cherry blossom viewing. There’s a lot of automnalis rosea out in the city right now (including near Lost Lagoon). I’m gonna go check it tout this week-end. Happy viewing!

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