Please enjoy this view.

I did today.

The view!

I went to a gaming networking event put on by DigiBC after work tonight. THIS was all around us (we were in a fancy lawyer’s office in a high rise building downtown.). In all my time living in Vancouver, I have never seen the city from this vantage point. And I’ve been in MANY buildings around the Lower Mainland. I used to visit employers at their offices all the time, so I thought I’d pretty much seen all the good views. Obviously not! I love seeing the Marine Building from this view. The Marine building is the oldie time building with the green triangle top.

So. I may or may not have to finish putting the sleeve on my mini-quilt to submit to Quilting Bee tomorrow night. *shifty eyes*.

Yah. This week has pretty much gotten away from me.

I will soldier on and remember this for next time.

Time Management Skills. I need them.

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  1. Chris (@lyteforce) says:

    While I did enjoy the view from the 17th floor at Shaw Tower back in the day, I never really watched life from that level. Just a whole different perspective I imagine? And that appears to be higher than the 17th (err.. 15th really) story.

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