Raindrops on roses

Uh oh...treading on corny territory

Uh oh. I’m treading dangerously close to corny and/or sympathy card style of photography with this. I’m suddenly on a rose kick – all roses except red ones – too common and overused and too headbanger for me HA!

Editor’s note #1: I like to call myself, “The Editor.”

Editor’s note #2: I really should not be accusing of anyone of “overusing” anything. It feels as though I’m overusing the double exposure thing, but I simply do not want stop. Please bear with me. Also, the headbanger thing is just a carry over from high school. Not to worry. I like headbangers now. I just snobbed off in high school. You know how it goes.

Raindrops on roses (& other plants)

Anyway, I got up REALLY early this morning – I’m talking REALLY early. I was up at 5:40 this morning. WHAT? It’s true. Mike had to be at work at 7 am. OOF. I dropped Mike off downtown then headed into New Westminster for some pancakes with my buddy, Monica. We finished breakfast by 8:30 am. Early birds or what?

Raindrops on roses (& other plants)

The only task I had on my to do list today was to renew the car insurance & since I had the time, I went all the way back across the Lower Mainland to where I’ve always gotten the insurance, but now that we live in Surrey, it’s pretty inconvenient. But my file is there, so it’s just easier that way. I got there 45 minutes early. What the? This is how early birds live? You have to wait for places to open? Oh dear.

Thankfully, the Park & Tilford Gardens were open! And beautiful! It had rained a little bit last night and this morning, so the leaves were covered in raindrops.

Raindrops on roses (& other plants)

And the fountains throughout the gardens were babbling. Very calming. See? Water! Very relaxing.

Raindrops on roses (& other plants)

Fountains make some for some pretty bokeh.

Raindrops on roses (& other plants)

I am so glad I started off the day like this. It was a lovely start to my day. Sadly, my to do list suddenly got filled with car-related chores that will continue on into this week.

Oh well.

I’ll gaze at my photos as needed this week.

More photos here if you like that sort of thing. Enjoy!

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