Rainy lanterns

Bokeh lanterns

The fancy store down the street from the school has a beautiful lantern display not only in their windows, but throughout their store. The looked amazing all lit up tonight. I love this display!


I love this mannequin’s expression. He’s deep in thought and I’m pretty sure he’s secretly enjoying me taking his photo.

I learned a new phrase today – “destination employer”. It’s what some people call those companies that people work their whole careers to work for. For example, some animation people would consider Pixar or Disney a destination employer. Some people would consider google to be an destination employer. My destination employer? National Geographic! Shooting portraits of people in Tibet? Taking photos of monkeys on Mount Fuji? YES PLEASE!


Speaking of The Yellow Brick Road, today I won tickets to a screener of Oz the Great and Powerful next week. Hooray! I am so able to go! and it’s in 3D – my favourite! They came with some 3D glasses. I can’t wait to see the flying monkeys coming right for me! I’m not sure who I’m going to take just yet. Sadly, Mike’s at work that night so he’ll miss this fun, 3D action. I’ll figure out something.

It should be fun! Bruce Campbell is in it!

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