“…roast duck to fly into mouth…”

I’m not quite sure how this happens…one day my craft room is totally usable and then the next day?

Disaster area.

In the rubble, I found some books that I scooped from work. One of the books contained a very poorly translated Chinese quote. I hope you enjoy this:

Whoa. Why on earth did the author decide to use a translator from the 1930’s? I checked the book a little closer and found that the book was self published by some company in Abbotsford in 1999 and I think I met this author in my last job as she was in the “career management field.” I think it’s best not to disclose any more details about this book, just in case. Just in case of what? I’m not sure. I’m just judging this book by that quote…and therefore, this book stinks! That’s my review!

But I did take the advice and rather than wait for roast duck to fly into my mouth, I decided to just take the action and clean up my craft room so I can make it usable again, rather than close the door and hope little gnomes will clean it up while I’m in the other room watching Sister Wives and Toddlers and Tiaras for hours on end.

Tada! The roast duck! It arrived!

Woohoo! Flying roast duck! It’s ready for me to start sewing again.

This is good news because I have signed up for a sewing swap that I need to start NOW. I have no excuses now! I have to get sewing! In fact, I have been given so much free fabric these last few weeks, I can’t not make stuff.

Consider next week a flying roast duck week. Roast duck will be flying EVERYWHERE!

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